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Four friends accidentally unlock supernatural powers in each other, and are thrown into the underground world of the Chaplain society, an organization tasked with ridding the world of evil spirits. Follow their journey as they navigate through their new day-jobs: fighting demons, saving lost souls, and getting caught up in cult shenanigans.


» Exciting update news!

Hey all! Chapter 3 is coming to a close soon, and I'm thinking about increasing my updates to three times a week! This isn't a for sure thing, but if I get my buffer up it would be ideal, since the next couple chapters are gonna be SWOL XD

I'm weighing my pros and cons: On the plus side it would make the next chapters flow better, since they go together (originally the next two chapters were supposed to be one gigantic one but I noped right outta that). On the down side the work load will kill me dead lol

But if it's just triple updates per week for those two chapters, I think I can manage. Let me know what ya'll think! :P

» 2 YEARS!!

Guess what guys???

Give Up the Ghost! is 2 years old! We hit our 2 year birthday yesterday, I really can't believe it's been that long! Thanks so much everyone, for sticking around and enjoying the ride! Here's to another 2 years, and many more after that! :>

» Happy pride!

Happy pride, everyone! Last year I made a little something for you guys so I wanted to do that again this year! Many of the characters in Give Up the Ghost! are LGBTQIA representative! Here's a little gift for you all, have a good pride! :>


Hey all! Here's some exciting news!

Give Up the Ghost! is now going to be updating twice a week! We will now be posting a page every Sunday AND WEDNESDAY!

I've been working really hard on my buffer, and after all the support I've been getting from my readers, I really wanted to pay it forward. So, yes, for now, there will be twice a week updates! Hopefully I can keep my productivity up for awhile, I'd really like to make this a permanent thing.

Thank you everyone so much!


We've hit over 200,000 views! Thank you so much for reading, everyone, I seriously can't believe we've come this far. When I first stared this comic, it was supposed to be just for fun. Turns out, it has become so much more for me. I really appreciate you guys sticking with me and all of your funny and kind comments and messages. I can't wait to see what more this adventure has to offer everyone. <3


You guys, we've hit over 100,000 views!! I'm so happy I could just cry, but instead I made a special guest submitted Q&A comic style for the readers! ENJOY!

This year has been very difficult for me, and I've been really struggling with grief, but art has always been a way for me to cope and relax. And it makes me really happy to have you all as readers, and makes drawing even more fun and fulfilling for me. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys so much for sticking around. <3


We've hit over 90,000 views!!! To celebrate I've uploaded a bonus update for everyone! You can read it here:


Sooooo, next month we are scheduled to hit over 100,000 views, I asked around to see what I should do as a celebratory gift for you guys...

CHARACTER INTERVIEWS/Q&A WON! So if you have any questions (non-spoilery, please!) for the characters of Give Up the Ghost! or for me, the artist/writer, feel free to ask in the comments or message me! Answers will be given in the form of comic panels when we hit the 100,000 view mark! I'll probably repost this announcement with every update until we hit our goal.

Thanks for reading, everyone! <3


Hey everyone! Some of you may know that this month is pride month! I made a cute art thing to celebrate, especially since some of the characters are LGBTQIA representative! :>

Enjoy, and HAPPY PRIDE!! <3

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