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Four friends accidentally unlock supernatural powers in each other, and are thrown into the underground world of the Chaplain society, an organization tasked with ridding the world of evil spirits. Follow their journey as they navigate through their new day-jobs: fighting demons, saving lost souls, and getting caught up in cult shenanigans.



You guys, we've hit over 100,000 views!! I'm so happy I could just cry, but instead I made a special guest submitted Q&A comic style for the readers! ENJOY!

This year has been very difficult for me, and I've been really struggling with grief, but art has always been a way for me to cope and relax. And it makes me really happy to have you all as readers, and makes drawing even more fun and fulfilling for me. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys so much for sticking around. <3


We've hit over 90,000 views!!! To celebrate I've uploaded a bonus update for everyone! You can read it here:


Sooooo, next month we are scheduled to hit over 100,000 views, I asked around to see what I should do as a celebratory gift for you guys...

CHARACTER INTERVIEWS/Q&A WON! So if you have any questions (non-spoilery, please!) for the characters of Give Up the Ghost! or for me, the artist/writer, feel free to ask in the comments or message me! Answers will be given in the form of comic panels when we hit the 100,000 view mark! I'll probably repost this announcement with every update until we hit our goal.

Thanks for reading, everyone! <3


Hey everyone! Some of you may know that this month is pride month! I made a cute art thing to celebrate, especially since some of the characters are LGBTQIA representative! :>

Enjoy, and HAPPY PRIDE!! <3


Woah! We've hit over 80,000 views you guys!! Below you can find a link to the bonus update, and don't forget to check back on sunday for our regular scheduled update! As I've mentioned in the last news post, I want to put out some celebration art when we hit over 100,000 views, so if you guys have any specific thoughts about it let me know! :>

Thank you all so much for sticking with this adventure so far, I know only one update a week can be torture to put up with, but I hope you're all at least having a good time! Thank you guys so much for reading!



Wow! We've hit another milestone, and made it to over 70,000 views! With the 10,000 hits coming every month (it seems like) I'm wondering if I should do something special for when we hit over 100,000 views? Maybe design a wallpaper or do a cute bonus comic? Q and A from the characters of GUtG? Any thoughts?

Anyways, as always, thanks so much for sticking with the comic and reading! I know it's a bit slow moving but I hope it's bearable. I would love to do more updates in the future if I get better (faster rather) at drawing up pages.

Love you guys! ;3

Here's the link for the bonus update: http://giveuptheghost.smackjeeves.com/comics/2436644/ch-1-pg-37/


Hey everyone! We've hit over 60,000 views! A big thanks to all of you readers out there who have stuck with the comic thus far, I hope to keep you guys entertained as the story progresses! I'm so excited for the future of this comic, and I hope all of you are too! Thanks again, and see you next time! :>

I've uploaded a bonus update as per usual, so check it out!:



Wow, you guys! we've hit over 50,000 views already! I've uploaded a bonus update! As always, I want to thank you guys for sticking with the comic and enjoying the ride, it's crazy to me how fast this summer is approaching because that means Give Up the Ghost! has an anniversary coming too! I'm super stoked to see where this story goes, and honored to have you guys along the journey. Thanks so much for reading! :'>


Wow guys! We've hit over 40,000 views already! As always, I want to thank you guys for reading the comic, and this only fuels my excitement for the future. It's been a rough month, but I'm working through it, and the support from all of you has really helped me out. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've uploaded an early update for you guys as a celebration, til next time! :>

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